Repair of a Broken Nose FAQs

Does the repair of a broken nose result in a lot of post-op bleeding?
There is usually very little post-op bleeding from repair of a broken nose.

How long after a fractured nose repaired is a cast worn?
I have my patients where a splint or cast for 6 days.

Is it true that nothing can be done for a nose that's been broken
many times or can it still be fixed?
Although it becomes more and more difficult to repair a nose that's been broken  
several times, it can be done.

Is there a difference between a broken nose and a nasal bump or  
are they the same thing?
A bump on the nose may be the result of trauma or just because the nose is shaped  
that way. There are some subtle differences in treatment of these two entities but      
they should both be amenable to correction.

I have a broken nose. Are nasal packings are used to repair it and
what exactly are they?
Nasal packing is simply used to minimize bleeding or dripping from the nose after
surgery. They are also helpful in compressing the internal tissues to prevent    
collections and swelling. Packing is generally comprised of some sort of soft   
absorbent material or strips of gauze. Occasionally I will use stents which are firm
pieces of silicone that act to stabilize the internal structure of the nose and prevent
internal adhesions from forming.

How do you correct a nose that is broken and twists to the side?
Noses that are twisted can be straightened by a variety of maneuvers including
breaking the bones and re-setting them, straightening the cartilage, applying sutures,
and camouflaging things with grafts. Sometimes a combination of these things is
necessary to achieve a straight nose.

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