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I had my upper eyelids done 2 years ago and now although I dont have any loose skin, my eyelids look very hollow and my eyes look guant and sunken in. Is that the result of the surgery or is it just aging? I have an older sister who never had her eyelids done and she has loose skin but a lot more fullness than me.

As we age, we lose volume in our upper face and especially around our eyes. What do I mean by volume? Our facial fat goes away. If you looked at pictures of yourself from when you were younger, you had more volume--more facial fat. Bigger cheeks, more fullness in your temples, brows, and under eye area. As we lose this volume our skin droops and becomes looser. This is also because we lose some elasticity of the skin with age as well.

In the upper eyelid area, the main contributor to the appearance of loose skin is fat loss. We do lose some elasticity but not to a high degree. Most surgeons who perform upper eyelid surgery or a lid lift (blepharoplasty) not only cut away this loose skin but also cut away even more of this brow and eyelid fat! This gives your upper eyelids a hollowed out sunken appearance. No loose skin but the eyes become skelatonized. This does not make you look like you did when you were younger.

Is there a way to help you? There might be. Replacing some of the volume back into your eyes, either with fillers like restylane, or with your own fat, can decrease the hollowness and sunken look of your eyes. It can help bring the life back to them and make them look more like they did when you were young.

Check out the non surgical eyelid lift page for more information.

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