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I have under eye dark circles and bags. Over the last few years it seems like the bags are becoming worse. What do you think is better to treat the under eye bags, surgery or fillers?

For people with true under eye bags and not just under eye hollowness, there are several choices for treatment. The first is non surgical and involves injecting fillers such as restylane under the eye to conceal the bag by raising the skin just below the bag to meet it. This is a quick and painless in office procedure. You can read more about it by going to the non surgical eyelid lift page

Fat injections can also be used to feel in the hollowness below the bag. This is a good option for people who did not have a bag when they were younger, and who's bag isnt that large.

The last choice is whats called lower eyelid fat repositioning or transposition. In this surgery the fat bag is not removed, but is just moved downwards where the hollowness is below it. The only incision is on the inside of the lower eyelid, so it is not visible. It is better to perform this surgery than to remove the bag. Removing the bag will lead to your eyes looking more hollow and gaunt as you age.

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