Brow Lift, Forehead Lift or Non Surgical Chemical Brow Lift


What is a Brow Lift or Forehead Lift?

A Brow Lift or Forehead Lift can address several of the signs of facial aging. Creases or deep lines across the forehead, and frown lines or vertical lines between the eyebrows can be minimized and smoothed with a Brow Lift.  Low or sagging eye brows can be repositioned to an elevated, more alert and youthful position by a Brow Lift. A sagging brow can cause drooping of the upper eyelid, which can impair your vision or result in a tired or angry appearance. Dr. Aharonov is a leading Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon who specializes in the Brow Lift or Forehead Lift and Eyelid surgeries. A Brow Lift can correct all of these signs of facial aging.

Dr. Aharonov gives each patient in his Beverly Hills office a personal evaluation and recommendations depending on their specific goals and needs. There are several different Brow Lift techniques that Dr. Aharonov can perform, depending on the    individual features of his patients. The endoscopic brow lift uses several small incisions hidden in the scalp, and a tiny camera is inserted to do the Brow Lift. With a temporal or lateral Brow Lift, small incisions are placed within the hairline at the sides of the temples.  With either technique, the eyebrows are elevated and properly positioned, frown lines and forehead wrinkles are diminished, giving a natural more rested appearance.

Endoscopic Brow Lift Surgery

A forehead lift or brow lift is intended to raise the upper eyelids and brows, reduce forehead creases, and soften frown lines. The effect is an opening of the eyes, creating a more awake, alert, and youthful appearance. Relieving heaviness in the brow can eliminate a tired or sinister appearance. An endoscopic brow lift is the most current procedure to lift the forehead and eyebrows. The use of an endoscope, which is a small camera  that transmits images to a TV screen, allows Dr. Aharonov to perform a brow lift by making four small inconspicuous incisions in the hairline. To lift the forehead, the muscles tethering the brow are released and the brow is repositioned internally without the removal of skin. This method ensures a natural result, not a “surprised look,” and preserves the integrity of the patient’s hairline. This technique has the advantage of a simpler, shorter postoperative recovery, allowing patients to return to their normal daily activities much sooner. Swelling usually subsides within a week, and the final results may appear within 1-2 months. All of Dr. Aharonov's Los Angeles area patients have been extremely satisfied with this procedure.

Hairline Brow Lift Surgery

Some patients with a high forehead and hairline might not be good candidates for an endoscopic Brow Lift.  Some of these patients might have a better result with a hairline Brow Lift.  With this lift, it is possible to actually lower your hairline and make your forehead appear smaller, while elevating your brow. During your consultation with Dr. Aharonov, he will discuss your best options.

NonSurgical Brow Lift or Chemical Brow Lift

Depending on the patient, a Brow Lift can sometimes be achieved without surgery. A NonSurgical Brow Lift, or Chemical Brow Lift, can be performed in our Beverly Hills office as a lunch time minimally invasive procedure.  Usually, this procedure is best performed on younger patients, patients whose brows are just starting to sag, or patients who just do not feel ready for surgical intervention. Often, this is a great way to try out a new look, before proceeding with a more permanent surgical Brow Lift. There are several different ways to elevate the Brows without Brow Lift Surgery, and Dr. Aharonov will usually use a combination of techniques if the patient desires a Non Surgical Brow Lift, and their particular facial features will benefit from this procedure.

When most people think of Botox, they think of getting rid of wrinkles, crow's feet, and deep creases on their forehead.  Botox relaxes the underlying muscle, thereby eliminating facial wrinkles.  Few people realize that the position of your brows can be determined by two different muscles working against each other.  One muscle is pulling your brows downward, and the other is elevating your brows.  When a skilled Facial Plastic Surgeon such as Dr. Aharonov places a few strategic injections of Botox along your brows, he can actually weaken the muscle which pulls your brows downward.  This gives your Brows a small natural lift, which for the right patient, can be all that is needed.  Additionally, this degree of Brow elevation is not associated with the "surprised look" that is often a sign of overdone surgery.  The only result is a natural, more refreshed awake appearance.  This quick and easy Non Surgical minimally  invasive Brow Lift  takes only a few minutes, and is virtually pain free.   You can return to work right after the Non Surgical Brow Lift, but the full result will gradually appear over the next several days.

As you begin to age, your skin develops a certain amount of laxity, and begins to sag downwards. Younger people have a small, natural fullness to their brows.  With age, this decreases, and your brows slide downwards.  A few well placed injections of facial fillers such as Restylane, Juvederm or Radiesse beneath your Brows can elevate this sagging skin and restore your natural brow position. This virtually pain free, minimally invasive procedure takes only minutes to perform, and you can return to work immediately afterwards.  The results are visible right away.  Often Dr. Aharonov will use a combination of these techniques to provide the best possible NonSurgical Brow Lift. During your consultation with Dr. Aharonov in his Beverly Hills office, he will evaluate your individual needs and goals. You will be able to discuss whether your goals can be accomplished with a minimally invasive NonSurgical Brow Lift, or whether you would do best with a traditional surgical Endoscopic Brow Lift. Dr. Aharonov is a skilled Facial Plastic Surgeon who specializes in traditional surgical procedures as well as minimally invasive NonSurgical Alternatives to Facial Rejuvenation.  All of our Los Angeles area patients are extremely happy with the results of their Non Surgical Brow Lift.

Facelift Surgery

A Facelift procedure or Rhytidectomy is intended to address the effects of aging in patient's lower face, neck and jowls.  As we age, the factors of time and gravity result in a loss of facial muscle tone and skin elasticity.  The cheeks begin to sag creating jowls and distorting the jaw line.  Loose skin appears in the neck, often referred to as a double chin or “turkey neck.”  Deep creases between the nose and mouth or below your lower eyelid   may form.  Face lift surgery can “set back the clock” by rejuvenating the face, improving the most visible signs of aging by removing excess fat and skin, tightening underlying muscles, and redraping the skin of your face and neck, thereby restoring your more youthful facial contours.

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Dr. Aharonov favors the “deep plane” technique also referred to as a “SMAS Lift” or “Composite Lift”.  Unlike procedures that simply address sagging skin, the deep plane facelift repositions the deeper underlying tissue called the “SMAS layer.”  Pulling this layer taught allows the redraped skin to sit naturally in its new position.  As both the skin and underlying tissue are lifted together, the tightly pulled windswept look that can accompany a facelift done improperly is avoided.  It also alleviates tension on the incision lines which minimizes visible scarring, although the incisions are well hidden within the hairline behind the temples and in the natural contours of the face and ear.  Fat may be sculpted or redistributed from the face, jowls and neck, and  underlying tissue is repositioned. Skin is redraped over the uplifted contours and excess skin is trimmed away. Sutures or skin adhesives close the incisions.  Dr. Aharonov uses the latest advances used by only a handful of surgeons which greatly minimize bruising and swelling, reduces the risk of hematoma (bleeding under the skin), and alleviates the need for drainage tubes.  The overall effect is a more natural refreshed appearance than simply having tightened the skin.

During your consultation in his Beverly Hills office, Dr. Aharonov will evaluate your skin muscle, bone structure, and other specific conditions that may have contributed to your aging appearance, and then tailor the procedure to your individual needs for the best result.  A Facelift, which primarily address the lower face and neck, is often combined with other facial cosmetic procedures such as a Brow Lift, Eyelid Lift Surgery (Blepharoplasty), Cheek Lift (Midface Lift), Neck Lift or chin or neck liposuction in order to achieve your realistic goals.  Additional procedures that may further enhance   the outcome of a Facelift may include: Facial implants or soft tissue augmentation to recontour your facial structure, and resurfacing techniques (such as peels) to improve the tone and texture of facial skin. Wrinkle reduction by Botox® injection may be recommended prior to your Facelift (to help underlying muscles fully relax before  repositioning and tightening) or after your Facelift surgery to help maintain results.  Although a  Facelift will not change your basic appearance or stop the aging process, it will restore a younger version that will then continue to age naturally over time.

What to expect from a Brow Lift or Forehead Lift Surgery

The best candidates for a Brow Lift are healthy nonsmokers who have realistic expectations of their Brow Lift surgery. Often a Forehead lift or Brow lift is combined with other surgical procedures to provide the most optimal results. A Facelift will correct sagging and other signs of aging in the lower face and neck. When a Brow Lift is combined with a Facelift, the face has a smoother, younger overall look. An Eyelid lift Surgery will rejuvenate tired, heavy eyes, and a Neck Lift will address a sagging neck, double chin and jowls. A Cheek Lift or Midface Lift will restore the area between the lower eyelids and the mouth, diminishing a gaunt or hollow appearance. A Brow Lift or Forehead Lift is best suited to raise the brows or upper eyelids, and reduce forehead wrinkles and the vertical lines between the brows. Often, sagging brows feel heavy on your upper eyelids, causing you to intentionally raise your brows leading to deep forehead creases. After the Brow Lift, the existing lines will be smoothed. Since the heaviness of your brow will be eliminated, so will the movement that caused your deeply lined forehead, thereby reducing the formation of new forehead wrinkles.

Preparing for a Brow Lift: Preoperative Information

During your consultation, Dr. Aharonov will discuss your goals for the surgery and ask about your medical history and any medication that you take. Dr. Aharonov will most likely ask you to see your primary physician for a physical exam and blood tests. You should stop taking aspirin or anti-inflammatory medicines such as Alleve, Motrin or Advil one week prior to surgery to minimize bleeding during surgery and bruising after your Brow Lift surgery. A list of over the counter medications and supplements to avoid will be given to you during your preoperative consultation. You should avoid alcohol or salty foods for three days prior to surgery to decrease fluid retention and swelling. You should discuss all of the medicines that you are on with Dr. Aharonov. If necessary, you may take your essential medications with a tiny sip of water in the early morning on the day of your Brow Lift surgery.

It is also essential that you disclose any medical conditions that involve the eye such as glaucoma, dry eye, detached retina, and thyroid disorders such as Graves’ disease, underactive or overactive thyroid, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, circulatory disorders, diabetes, blood clotting disorders, or a history of forming large scars also known as keloid scars. It is important to tell Dr. Aharonov if you smoke, or have had previous facial surgery.

You should be in the most optimal nutritional state prior to Brow Lift surgery. An adequate diet with certain vitamin supplements such as Vitamin C is recommended.   Dr. Aharonov can discuss nutritional supplements with you during your preoperative consult.

You will receive a recommended course of treatment based on your physical features, the condition you wish to have corrected, what is causing that condition, and your realistic goals for improvement. Dr. Aharonov will also answer your questions at that  time. Remember that by carefully following Dr. Aharonov's advice and instructions, both before and after Brow Lift surgery, you can do your part to ensure the best possible outcome.

Anesthesia for Brow Lift or Forehead Lift

Dr. Aharonov performs all Brow Lift surgeries in an AAAHC accredited outpatient surgery center in Beverly Hills.  Board certified anesthesiologists, which are medical doctors, perform all of his cases.  Dr. Aharonov prefers to have a physician caring for your anesthetic needs during your Brow Lift or Eyelid Surgery, as their experience minimizes the potential of unpleasant postoperative side effects. For his surgical cases, Dr. Aharonov uses an extremely safe combination of iv sedation and local anesthetic, not general anesthesia. This technique provides superior operating conditions  combined with maximal patient safety and comfort. In all likelihood, you will awaken with very little discomfort, nausea, or anesthetic side effects. In his Los Angeles area surgery center, all of the appropriate monitoring, medication and emergency equipment are available at all times. On the day of your Brow Lift surgery, you will meet  your anesthesiologist and can discuss any questions that you may have.

What to Expect After a Brow Lift

After a Brow Lift procedure in our Beverly Hills surgery center, there will be some swelling and bruising in the forehead, head, or even the eye or cheek area. This can take up to a couple of weeks to resolve, but individuals vary on their recovery time. Many patients are healed enough to go back to work after a week. Immediately post-op, you should use ice compresses to relieve the pain and swelling. Your forehead and head will be loosely wrapped overnight, which further helps to minimize swelling. You will be given a prescription for pain medicine and antibiotics, although most patients do not require much pain medicine after the first day or two. After one week, Dr. Aharonov will remove your sutures in his Beverly Hills office.
Patients who have the endoscopic Brow lift or Forehead lift may only rarely experience numbness and incision discomfort. The incision site pain is usually minimal, but can be controlled with medication, if necessary. Endoscopic Brow Lift or Forehead Lift patients experience less of the itching sensation felt by patients who have had the classic coronal forehead lift. In a small percentage of patients, some hair around the incision may fall out and may temporarily be a bit thinner. Normal hair growth will usually resume  within a few weeks or months. Permanent hair loss is very rare. You will be able to shower and shampoo your hair within two days, or as soon as the bandage is removed.

Activity Level and Exercise After a Brow Lift or Forehead Lift

You should plan on relaxing at home for at least a week after your Brow Lift, even though you will feel ready to get up and about in a few days. You should avoid strenuous activities for two weeks after surgery to decrease any swelling or bruising. This includes heavy housework, bending, jogging or weight training. Walking at a normal pace during this time is recommended.

Most patients return to work in 7-10 days after their Brow Lift. Endoscopic Forehead or Brow Lift patients may feel ready to return to their normal activities even sooner.

Most of the visible signs of surgery should fade completely within about three weeks. Minor swelling and bruising can be concealed with special camouflage makeup. You may feel a bit tired at first, but your energy level will increase as you begin to look and feel better.

Our Los Angeles California patients have been extremely satisfied with the results of their Brow Lift. They have a more youthful alert appearance, without an unnatural surprised look.

Risks of a Brow Lift or Forehead Lift

As with any surgical procedure, there are risks involved. You and your surgeon will work together to minimize these risks and maximize your results. Follow your surgeon's instructions both before and after your brow lift surgery. Always be completely honest about your medical history and habits including smoking, alcohol or drug use. Be  realistic as to your expected outcome. You will look like a refreshed rejuvenated version of yourself, not like a young version of someone else.

Minor risks of the procedure include bleeding, infection, numbness or hair loss at the incision site, poor wound healing or unfavorable scarring, fluid accumulation or asymmetry. These risks are very rare, and when they do occur, are usually temporary. Any brow asymmetry may correct itself as the healing process progresses, and rarely is it noticeable enough to require surgical intervention. Both you and Dr. Aharonov can take steps to minimize scarring, and in the vast majority of patients, Brow Lift scars are invisible.