Anesthetic Considerations for Cheek Lift or Midface Lift


Anesthesia for a Midface Lift or Cheek Lift

Dr. Aharonov performs all of his surgeries in an AAAHC accredited outpatient surgery center in Beverly Hills.  Board certified anesthesiologists, which are medical doctors, perform all of his cases. Dr. Aharonov prefers to have a physician caring for your anesthetic needs during surgery, as their experience minimizes the potential of unpleasant postoperative symptoms. For his surgical cases, Dr. Aharonov uses an exremely safe combination of iv sedation and local anesthetic, not general anesthesia. This technique provides superior operating conditions combined with maximal patient safety and comfort. In all likelihood, you will awaken with very little discomfort, nausea, or anesthetic side effects. In his Los Angeles area surgery center, all of the appropriate monitoring, medication and emergency equipment are available at all times. On the day of surgery, you will meet your anesthesiologist and can discuss any questions that you may have.

Cheek Lift/ Midface Lift Overview

Preoperative Preparations for Cheek Lift/ Midface Lift with Endotines

Post Operative Considerations for Cheek Lift / Midface Lift with Endotines